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Radiant Malas Tiny Intention Necklace Turquoise 16"

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Turquoise is an efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It is a stone for finding wholeness and truth. Turquoise harmonizes and stimulates the throat chakra, making it seem effortless in articulating and bringing forth your deepest wisdom. Wearing our Turquoise Tiny Intention gemstone necklace can empower you and help you realize that you have something important to contribute to the collective. Turquoise is beneficial to overall well-being and sound emotions. 

  • 2.5mm microfaceted Turquoise beads
  • 14k gold-filled lobster clasp
  • 16” length
  • Includes a crystal meaning card and reusable cotton bag
  • Handmade in beautiful Boulder, Colorado
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