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Vibe Olive Quartz Necklace VIBE.SS.PG.OQ

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Olive Quartz is a stone of manifestation. It embodies the power of those magical morning rays of sunshine and illuminates our hearts with warm, loving energy stabilizing our emotions and allowing us to pursue our purpose with confidence, exuberance and clarity.


Our Nature-centric jewelry:

  • Is 100% metal-free (aka: hypoallergenic, aka: biodegradable)
  • Fits YOUniversally: adjustable up to 30"
  • Is zero-waste & artisan-made in Austin, Texas
  • Makes gifting easy & mindful
  • Features only distinctive, natural, ethically-sourced gemstones
  • Includes beautiful handcrafted cards containing the gemstone meaning & made from recycled disposable cups
  • Made with only genuine gemstones and pure silk. 100% metal free.

(Care) Show your Vibe jewelry love by:

  • Keeping it away from oils, lotions & sprays
  • Avoiding showering or sleeping with it on
  • Storing it neatly when not wearing it or keeping it on your signature Vibe card
  • Use the slider bead while holding both loose ends to shorten or lengthen it
  • Wearing it with love as a reminder of your intentions
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