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Vibe Turquoise Single Stone Necklace VIBE.SS.TQ

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Turquoise is a protective stone bringing good fortune & peace. It promotes spiritual attunement, enhances communication and preserves friendships.


Our Nature-centric jewelry:

  • Is 100% metal-free (aka: hypoallergenic, aka: biodegradable)
  • Fits YOUniversally: adjustable up to 30"
  • Is zero-waste & artisan-made in Austin, Texas
  • Makes gifting easy & mindful
  • Features only distinctive, natural, ethically-sourced gemstones
  • Includes beautiful handcrafted cards containing the gemstone meaning & made from recycled disposable cups
  • Made with only genuine gemstones and pure silk. 100% metal free.

(Care) Show your Vibe jewelry love by:

  • Keeping it away from oils, lotions & sprays
  • Avoiding showering or sleeping with it on
  • Storing it neatly when not wearing it or keeping it on your signature Vibe card
  • Use the slider bead while holding both loose ends to shorten or lengthen it
  • Wearing it with love as a reminder of your intentions
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